Before writing your college entrance essay

While the application process is long and complicated itself, most of the students still highlight writing entrance essay as the most stressful part of the admission. The reason is, the objective of an admission essay, unlike generic cover letters, is to muster the evidence of both your previous academic achievements and your personality and to link it all to your motivation behind entering this very program.

Remember that your admission essay goes along with you application and does not need to replicate everything mentioned on the latter. Start by brainstorming what you would like the admission council to know about you apart from your GPA and the extracurriculars you did while in high school. Alternatively, write about the classes you passed or the activities you took part in, but rather than focusing on numbers, achievements, and grades share your feelings, experiences, thoughts and personal victories. College entrance essay is a unique opportunity to tell your story.

Present the best version of yourself

The admission commission wants to not only learn about your character traits, but also to see how they align with what you strive to become in the future. Think of your personality features, your strengths and skills and try to link them all together. Here are some good character points that you might want to mention in your essay:

  • Responsibility
  • Initiative
  • Leadership
  • Willingness to contribute, etc.

Don’t take chances

Some students take a risk of sharing their weaknesses in their essays along with the strengths. While it may be a stand-out part of your application, it may as well end up ruining it. On the one hand, talking about you weaknesses equals recognizing it. What it says about you as a person is that you want to improve and become a better version of yourself. However, only go for this trick if you are absolutely sure it sounds well on the paper and if the admission if open-minded. While we would not recommend you to take the odds, if you decide to include your weak spots in your essay try choosing the so-called “good weaknesses”, for example:

  • Perfectionism
  • Hard-working
  • Impatience

Put a rough draft in writing

The key advice on writing a college entrance essay is that you should not wait for a godsend to start. Once you have outlined what kind of persona you are want an admission commission to imagine when reading your essay, proceed with writing a rough draft. At this stage, avoid over thinking your writing itself and focus on the content.

The reason you should always start with a first draft is so that you can more or less imagine what the final essay will look like and go on with perfectioning it. Here is where the most important rule kicks in - show, do not tell. Now that you have written about how passionate you are about this or that field and how many experience you have, elaborate every self-flattery into a short story, which does not necessarily concludes about you possessing a certain feature, but rather clearly indicates that you do. For example:

  • Instead of I have a good set of leadership skills tell a story of how you have organized a school club, chaired a summer camp group, or supported your sports mates while being a team captain.
  • Replace all indefinite achievements with concrete examples, as in I’ve been a president of a volunteer crew. The sentence is instantly enhanced as you specify that you have been a chairperson of a local Salvation Army crew of twenty-three fellow students.

Ask for help

Upon finishing your essay, ask someone who knows you well to go through it and ensure that it does indeed matches your personality nicely. Do not rely on automated spell checks much and do your best to proofread it so there are no mistakes and typos. The admission commission will really appreciate your effort if you deliver them a neat, grammatically correct paper. Remember that we provide a whole range of assistance services to help students perfect their college admission essays. Contact us anytime to discuss yours!