General info about us

Story of our writing corporation began not that long time ago, when we were just a group of ambitious students. During our education at university we saw and experienced how students struggle from inability to find some organization to help them with their writing assignments. When we have finished our university, we decided to organize our own business that would be able to fulfil the aim to help students with their uneasy assignments. Yet, we had an advantage – we exactly knew what they need.

It is hard to say that the beginning of our writing corporation was very successful. Our group of professionals was very small and we could offer academic writings only of few disciplines. Yet, we worked on our company and could create something really special. In modern days, we have a great variety of writing experts, whose knowledge presented in nearly 100 academic fields of studying. Moreover, their writing skills are so developed that they can handle writing tasks from schools, colleges and universities. Even if you are going to get a Master’s degree, you can rely on our workers. Quality of our academic writing is the best of the best, because those people who we hire have higher education and considerable experience in writing. If you are worried about deadlines, remember that our corporation never misses them, because our writers understand that to pay fee or even lose their job is a serious thing. There are a lot of similar writing corporations on the web, but you won’t be able to find one more with such a high level of quality.

Our primary aim is in offering our consumers writing services, so that they were pleased and satisfied. First of all, we are able to do this, because we have amazing writing team. Our corporation selects writers from the best graduates of various institutions of higher education. Moreover, we prefer to work with people from different countries where English is the first language. Among them are: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and Canada. To become a part of our team, they have to write a few quite hard tests. Only this way, we can see who is a real professional in academic writing.

Being overwhelmed is not good and you need to consider different variants of getting rid of this problem. One of the best decisions that you can make is to hire our writing corporation to cope with your writing issues. Our corporation is your chance to get a little bid freedom for things that you really think are vital. When work with us you don’t need to feel nervous about quality or deadlines, because we carefully watch, so that our corporation was the best in this business.

If you are afraid that you can get from us plagiarized papers, you shouldn’t be, because one of our main rules stands that plagiarism is forbidden. Our writers know this and follow it without exceptions. Moreover. We never send papers to their owners without thorough check on plagiarism. You also can get a verification report.

Personal information of our clients is sacred to us. Your data won’t get to anyone, who doesn’t work for us.

One more advantage of our writing corporation is that our support staff service works without breaks and weekends.

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