Data about ordering

How does our organization work?

If you want to get thorough explanation of how our organization works, you can find this information on the web page How It Works.

What are the steps of placing the order?

You have a couple of variants that you can use to place your order. The first one is the simplest one. You need to do only one thing – to call our Support team and explain our workers what you want. The second method is via registering on our website and filling in the ordering form.

What should I know about the accomplishing process of order forms?

To make an order, you need to give us detailed info about your academic paper. The first step of providing information includes finding of the button “order now” and filling in the first form. The second step includes pressing the button “continue” and filling in the second form. We have created 2 order forms to make the ordering process easier and more convenient.

What information I need to know about discounts?

First of all, you need to know that every our client has a right to get such present as a discount from our organization. Despite the fact that our prices are fair, you as a loyal client will be able to ask for the reducing of our prices. To find out whether you can use some discount plan, you need to check it by calling or messaging our Support team.

Please explain me the formula of passing some extra files to the writing crew?

The formula of this process is very simple, because you have a right to communicate with our writing team directly. Yet, if for some reason, our writers aren’t able to listen to your requirements at the moment, you always can turn to our Support team and pass information through them.

Is it possible to ask you for help with search of specific data sources?

We, as one of the biggest writing organizations, have an access to various rare data sources. However, we are not all-powerful and can’t guarantee that we can find anything. We can guarantee you only one thing – our professionals will do everything possible from them to help you.

Where I can get information about my order status?

Status of your order is not a secret that we keep. You can get it by asking our Support team or by checking info on your Dashboard on our website. Your request will be accomplished in the shortest terms.

Writing tasks accomplishment

What actions should I undertake, if I dislike my paper?

If it happens that you dislike how your paper is written, you should ask us for a revision. However, your request should come to us not later than 5 dates after you get your written paper. In addition, you have no right to make changes in your initial requirements. For more details, you need to turn to the Revision Policy page.

Do you mind changing my writing instructions at the last minute?

As a writing organization that cares about its customers, we want to help you in any situation. Yet, you should clearly understand that your desires must not break rules written in our Revision Policy. You can ask our Support team to give you more details about this question.

Can I demand my paper earlier?

When you fill in the order forms you provide information about the time you want to see your paper done. You can’t change the time of the delivery.

What are the possible ways to get my ready order?

Your completely written paper will be sent to your personal account and to your email.

How can I use your services such as proofreading and editing?

Except writing services, you also can use our proofreading and editing services. We have great editors and we can help you to verify your paper and correct all the mistakes.

Writing crew information

What kind of writers will accomplish my writing task?

Only the best writers work for us, which means that your papers will be completed by the professionals.

Is writing qualification of your writing crew high?

Qualification of our writers is very good. All of them are experts in creating academic papers. They have the best education and can help you with anything that is related to writing.

Don’t you forbid to communicate directly with your writing crew?

Our rules don’t forbid to communicate you with our writing crew. We understand that it can help to improve the level of quality of our work.

Payment details, plagiarism security and policies of our organization

What is your attitude towards returning money to your clients?

Our clients are precious and we always return money those, who deserve this.

What rules are included in your revision policy?

Revision policy of our organization allows you to get a free revision, but your request of the revision should be sent within five days after the delivery time. Everything else you can find out from reading information from Revision Policy section.

Do you protect your clients from plagiarism?

We are for uniqueness and against plagiarism. For this reason, you will receive only unique academic papers.

Is your organization confidential?

We respect our clients’ desire to protect their confidentiality and do not pass any your information to people, who do not work for us.

Are your payment processes safe?

PayPal system is one of the safest payment systems in the world. For this reason, you do not risk your payments.