Strategy overview: How to write a good essay fast

Whether you are preparing for an exam that includes a writing part with a limited amount of time offered or simply panicking about the upcoming due date that slipped your cracks, this article will help you to work out the best strategy for completing your essay in a matter of an hour.

The ability to gather your thoughts together without wasting any time and to be able to express them nicely in writing is a valuable skill that will totally come in handy sometime in your life. Thus, even when the clock is ticking, making you all sweat, look at it this way - you practice fast writing now, you will never need to learn it over in the future. The future you will thank you later, which is for sure.

Everyone has his or her own idea of how to write a good essay fast. While you might want to go with the strategy that works best for you, say if you have had previous experiences with writing an essay in a hurry, we highly recommend you to stick to some of the following advice and proceed from there.


First things first, you need to be prepared for a ride to come. Start out by outlining your essay and making as many notes and clarifications as possible. It will allow you to focus on formulating your thoughts rather than coming up with them or elaborating impulsive ideas. Take your time here - you do not want to clean your own mess later in. The average of ten minutes dedicated to outlining will save you hours later as you proceed.

Make sure that you do not forget about the essay structure in a hurry. Not only you need to have a strong introduction and a persuasive conclusion, but also a decent amount of points elaborated in the main body. Note that your paragraphs should be balanced and well-connected to one another. The generic structure usually consists of:

  • Introduction
  • First supporting paragraph
  • Second supporting paragraph
  • Third supporting paragraph
  • Conclusion
  • Citation

Skip the unnecessary research

Unfortunately, writing an essay fast has its sacrifices. You will more likely have to trade-off some content value to time saved. While your essay still needs to be supported by valid sources and literature, do not spend too much time reading into them and rather focus on the key points. It may or may not backfire later, but as long as your goal is to complete your paper in the shortest time possible this is the only way to go. Here is some advice on how to avoid redundant and time-consuming research:

  • Use special Google search features and keywords
  • Focus on the literature given to you rather than new one
  • Search for definite chapters within a book via its index
  • Read through already existing paper or critique articles related to your essay

Check everything as you go along

Proofreading is extremely time-costly. Put your best effort into writing your essay without any extra drafts. While it seems extreme, it does save you a ton of time. Write out every sentence as if you never plan to go through it again. Obviously, you are most likely to read your essay really quick once it is finished, but there might be not enough time to process every phrase and evaluate whether it sounds well or not so much. Things that are usually majorly affected by a fast-writing include, but are not limited to:

  • Grammar
  • Typos
  • Readability
  • Citation

Watch out for messing up those above and try to perfect them directly while writing your essay.

Order a custom-made essay

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