Information on prices

When you count how much will cost you to order some paper from our writing organization, you need to consider such factors as: how hard your task is, how many pages you need and how fast your paper should be accomplished. However, if you want to get more information about the prices, you just need to touch the bases with our professional support team.

You could notice that to order some paper from our writing organization doesn’t cost a small amount of money. Yet, it is only because we provide highly qualified services, which means that our professional writers deserve to get fair salary. Those companies, who put low prices, do not hire professionals with excellent skills. For this reason, you can’t expect that your paper will be of a high quality level. Our writing organization can guarantee you the quality you want.

As an English-writing organization we have our prices in USD currency. For you convenience, we put prices for one page of the text that has such parameters as: double-spacing, font 12pt and Times New Roman style. Yet, we also understand that you may need some other parameters and we are ready to follow your desires. This, of course, will be reflected on the price. You won’t need to pay the same amount of money for one page of text with double-spacing and single spacing. The last variant will cost you less.

Those who live in the countries of European Union, shouldn’t forget about such thing as the VAT tax. Yet, don’t worry, because it will automatically become a part of the final price.